Granite Products


What is granite?

(The term granite comes from the Latin root word Granum, meaning grain.)
Granite is as old as the earth. It is liquid from magma, the molten rock found at the core of the earth, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the harness and durability of diamond. Granite is igneous rock, the name reflecting its fiery beginning. Granite owes its hardness and density to the fact that it has been solidified within the earth under extreme pressure. Over time, seismic activity has changed the crust of the planet, forcing veins of granite to the surface.
Granite are formed of an aggregate of crystals which are moulded together without interspaces between them or which enclose one another. The magnificent crystallinity of the granite is a striking characteristic.

Advantages of granite:
- Due to the resistance level of granite, placing hot items on the surface will not damage it.
- Cutting on granite will no damage the surface.
- Once sealed, granite is stain resistant.
- Granite will not chip with everyday use
- Granite adds value to your home
- Easy to clean with mild water and a mild detergent

Why use granite?
Granite is a tough, durable rock making a viable solution for both exterior and interior applications. Granite is able to resist most abrasions, tolerate significant weight, resist various weather conditions, and accept a polish. This makes it desirable for multiple uses.

Common uses: Rough-cut and polished granite is used in buildings, bridges, paving, and monuments amongst other exterior projects. Polished granite slabs and tiles are used indoors for countertops, tile floors, and stair treads amongst other practical and decorative features.

The installation Process:
We manufacturer and install all our own products. The installation process is a simple process.
1. Choose you granite stone you like
2. If you using the granite as kitchen counter-tops or in the bathroom, choose your basins and baths as this will affect the size and shape of your counter-tops.
3. Decide on the right edging for your counter-tops
4. Create a template to cut your granite accordingly. When creating the template, be sure keep the area of clear of any objects. This will make the process more efficient and effective. Your objects will also be able to remain dust free.
5. Cut the granite according to a template to fit around your basins and bath, if necessary.
6. Install the granite. Prior to installing be sure your installing area is clear of all objects.

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