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What is quartz?

Engineered stone is a man-made product consisting of 94% quartz, 6% polymer resin and pigments. These go under the following brand names: Caesar Stone, Sile Stone, Technistone, Hanstone, Samsung stone to name a few. Engineered stone is highly durable and has the following characteristics: non-porous, scratch resistant, moderate heat resistant, harder than granite. The colour is uniform and the material is easy to maintain. To clean you simply use a mild detergent and water. Chemicals with a Ph level higher than 8.5 will over time damage the surface.
Engineered stone is not suitable for exterior applications as the suns UV rays will affect the material because of the resin content.

Advantages of engineered stone:
- Engineered stone is heat and burn resistant
- Engineered stone is non-porous making it food safe
- Engineered stone is abrasion and scratch resistant
- Engineered stone is easy to clean and maintain
- Engineered stone is stain resistant
- Engineered stone is environmentally friendly

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